Huntress are still going strong, though there was some doubt earlier in the week when vocalist Jill Janus proclaimed in a post that the Huntress trilogy had reached its end and that she was "packing it up" and would "continue to create music, on my terms."

Guitarist Blake Meahl issued a statement clarifying the band's status after numerous sites picked up on Janus' comments. He revealed, "Our vocalist Jill Janus posted an announcement last night that she was having difficulty dealing with devastating health issues. Four months ago she had major surgery to remove cancer from her uterus. She needs time to fully recover from her hysterectomy and to continue treatment for her mental health issues. Her bouts with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and disassociative identity disorder have been particularly difficult lately and are ultimately responsible for her unfounded statement last night." The guitarist confirmed that the band would be back on the road in late December for their scheduled dates with Black Label Society.

Now Janus has offered her own statement, reaffirming that she is indeed still with Huntress and that the comments she posted were misconstrued. Her comments read as follows:

Back to business! Yes, I am still the singer for Huntress. I've seen some heavy s--t, but so often the things I say or do are misconstrued even by those closest to me. It is the end of an era for Huntress, we completed our trilogy, writing one album a year. I look forward to writing more Huntress records, and working on new musical projects I've been developing. The best is yet to come! JJx

Huntress just released their Static album back in September and they're currently promoting the single and standout video for "Sorrow." As stated, the band will return to the road with Black Label Society for a handful of post-Christmas shows running Dec. 26-31.

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