Huntress vocalist Jill Janus is currently out with the band delivering their Noisecreep-approved brand of metal to clubs, theaters and festival crowds throughout the world. If touring in a cramped van with a bunch of sweaty heshers wasn't already tough enough, we also asked Janus to write a weekly blog for us.

Without further intro formalities, here is the second installment in Janus' Huntress tour blog:

Hey Noisecreepers,

Huntress has just embarked on our first Summer tour across the United States. We've been touring nearly non-stop since March in our van, first with Paganfest America as opening act to Turisas, Alestorm and Arkona. Huntress then joined up with DragonForce and Holy Grail for another U.S. tour, followed by Metalfest Open Airs in Europe.

We're a newly signed metal band, our debut album Spell Eater was released while on tour with DragonForce. Prior to that, we could only promote our live show and a few t-shirts we slung at the merch table. We've learned a lot on the road, and today I'm going to share a little gem with you.

Jill Janus

Walmart Supercenters are an oasis for touring bands. Sure, it's trashy to admit I totally look forward to going to Walmart while on tour in North America. But that's part of the fun! I'm already living in a van with four stoners and a dog, expect the trash and respect it. I don't ever shop at Walmart while I'm home. But on the road, Walmart is my wheelhouse.

Many nights we don't get hotels, we all sleep in the van. Walmart is cool with travelers parking in their lots overnight. The reason Supercenters are the jam is because they're open 24/7, therefore bathrooms are accessible. Also, I enjoy a morning walk thru the super store while the boys sleep, just to feel like a girl for an hour. I day dream in the make-up aisle and try on the latest fashions. Canadian Walmarts have the best clothes, they actually offer skinny bitch sizes, unlike America's Walmarts which are stocked with mostly plus size. They also have a great selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, which we buy for juicing in the van. Not to mention camping grills and inexpensive meat we buy and BBQ in the parking lot.

Jill Janus

European bands are always astounded by Walmart Supercenters. On Paganfest, the tour manager would have all the bands meet at Walmart to stock up. I ran into Arkona buying frozen chicken wings. They were all fired up because they found "American size" bottles of vodka and a baseball bat "for playing game or beating enemy". The Cold War is officially over.

Watch Huntress Tear It Up at Walmart

Walmart is way laid back with heshers like us. Blake Meahl, our lead guitarist, is a landscaper back home and can turn on sprinklers whenever we want. This is a mega bonus, we wash our Breville juicer, brush our teeth or can take a quick hobo shower in most Walmart parking lots. We're living the American Dream. Hail heavy metal!

Jill Janus

Watch "Spell Eater" Video

Jill Janus

Read the first Huntress tour blog here. Pick up Spell Eater on iTunes and Amazon. Catch Huntress on tour on the following dates:

July 18; Denver, CO; Moe's

July 19; Ogden, UT; The Basement

July 21; Tacoma, WA; Hell's Kitchen

July 22; Seattle, WA; El Corazon

July 24; Stockton, CA; Plea for Peace Center

July 26; Walnut Creek, CA; Red House

July, 27; Las Vegas, NV; Cheyenne Saloon

July 29; Tempe, AZ; Rocky Point Cantina

July 30; El Paso, TX; Lips Lounge

July 31; Austin, TX; Dirty Dog Bar

August 2; Waco, TX; Beatnix Burger Barn

August 3; San Antonio, TX; White Rabbit

August 4; Shreveport, LA; The Riverside Warehouse

August 6; Fayetteville, AR; Rogue

August 8; Knoxville, KY; Long Branch Saloon

August 9; Spartanburg, SC; Ground Zero

August 10; Jacksonville, NC; Hooligans

August 13; Brooklyn, NY; Saint Vitus (**Huntress only)

August 14; Worcester, MA; Upstairs at the Palladium (**Huntress only)

August 15; Philadelphia, PA; Gunners Run (**Huntress only)

August 16; Cleveland, OH; Pirates Cove (**Huntress only)

August 17; Chicago, IL; Cobra Lounge (**Huntress only)

August 18; Detroit, MI; I-Rock Nightclub (**Huntress only)