Since Huntress is currently out in Europe touring with shred maniacs DragonForce, Noisecreep asked singer Jill Janus to keep a tab of their travels. The Huntress frontwoman is not only a powerhouse vocalist, she's also a great storyteller that never misses the fine details of a moment, as you'll read below.

From Jill Janus:

I'm writing from Swiss border patrol, where our tour bus is being detained due to some shady shit that the bus company is pulling. We played Vienna, Austria last night and are now attempting to get into Switzerland where we have a show with DragonForce in Zurich tonight. There are many regulations in Europe regarding bus driver shifts, and it turns out our driver can no longer legally drive today. So a replacement is supposedly en route, 3 hours away. We'll be late for load in, but there¹s also a chance we won¹t make showtime. Turns out the bus company forgot to buy insurance as well. Zing!


Huntress just completed a nine day run, we had one day off after our show in Bochum, Germany. Days off are cherished by me, I take complete vocal rest and wander empty cobblestone streets seeking out, well, anything. Because for me, boredom sets in when the pace slows and you're not preparing to perform.


The first part of the non-stop nine days was our debut mini-tour in England and Wales. DragonForce split for a few days to play the Loud Park Festival in Japan, while Huntress flew to the UK and played four shows. We began in Bournemouth, little city by the sea. We're crazy about fish n' chips, so we made sure to seek and destroy straight away. Awesome. That Friday night we played at Sound Circus. The next morning as we prepared to head to Cardiff, Wales by van, it broke down. Now the fun starts. We had to hustle on a Saturday to find transport for 6 people and our rented backline. Luckily, a man with a van was able to transport myself, Blake Meahl and the gear. But the remaining 4 dudes had to take a taxi, with hangovers, making stops to barf in ditches along the way. This trip cost us close to $600 USD. But the show must go on, and unfortunately, shady van companies will always exist. Rather than bitch about it, we handled it.


Cardiff was a good time, city of the Halloween Sluts. We performed at Bogiez, which was decked out for Samhain festivities and running wild with costumed college kids. The US ain't got shit on Halloween like Wales does. They really know how to celebrate the slut. Stoke-on-Trent was our next stop, with a newer tour van and driver. What a strange little sleepy town. Claim to fame: it's the birthplace of Lemmy and Slash. We played a tiny room above Minster¹s Bar on a Sunday night. We left the next morning for London, where Huntress made our big city UK debut for the Metal Hammer Halloween Party at O2 Academy Islington on Monday October 29th. It was other-worldly.

Performing in London felt spectral and timeless. I took a nap on the floor in our dressing room before catching a plane to Munich, Germany to play Backstage, once again as direct support to DragonForce. With very little sleep and not much to eat, the boys and I powered through another vicious set and passed out in our bus bunks. Berlin was sensational on October 31st, one of our best shows on this tour. We followed Berlin with Dresden, Erfurt and Bochum, completing our nine day non-stop shred fest.


One day off and back at it. Frankfurt, Vienna and now waiting on Swiss border patrol. Will we slay Zurich tonight? Don't make me weep into my hot cocoa, Switzerland!

To Be Continued...

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Tour dates:

Nov. 12 - Solothurn, Switzerland - Kofmehl
Nov. 15 - Barcelona, Spain - Salamandra 1
Nov. 16 - Lisbon, Portugal - Cine-Teatro de Corroios
Nov. 17 - Madrid, Spain - Sala Arena
Nov. 18 - Bilbao, Spain - Rock Star Live
Nov. 21 - Bordeaux, France - Rock School Barbey
Nov. 22 - Paris, France - La Cigale
Nov. 23 - Strasbourg, France - La Laiterie
Nov. 24 - Lille, France - Le Splendid