New York City-based metal band Hung aren't like any other heavy metal band you've seen recently. Seriously. The band traffics in death metal and employs a female, Asian violinist. My first reaction during their show at New York's Ace of Clubs was "WTF!?"

But while it sounds utterly ridiculous on paper, in practice, it's cohesive and thinks outside of the box. The band is definitely trying to blaze a trail -- and succeeding. The vocalist is from Russia and exudes charisma and incredibly impressive vocal range, while bassist Sam Roon, with his yards of dreads, plays with a piercing skull that could cause your endocrine system to malfunction.

Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler was in attendance. Was the skinsman, who is currently producing This or the Apocalypse, perhaps scouting bands for his new gig as a producer? Maybe. He chatted with me briefly. I asked about his daughter, since last we spoke, he talked about spending his days with her at cute, kiddie places like Dinosaur World, effectively displaying another side of his personality. He joked that tomorrow he will be there with her at Dinosaur World. OK, on the count of three, say it with me. One, two, three ... "Awwww!"

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