After months of vague online clues and social network buzz about a mysterious, multi-level entertainment group called Hollywood Waste, it has been revealed that Hollywood Waste is, among other things, a new record label.

Hollywood Waste director Kyle Kore Parsons said, "For those of you who have witnessed the mystery campaign for Hollywood Waste, it's time to unveil a new component of the project: Hollywood Waste Records. As we've alluded to, this project is certainly much bigger than club promotions, though our club nights will continue and we plan to bring Hollywood to many more cities! Hollywood Waste as a larger encompassing project has many more layers that will be announced in pieces over the course of 2011. You are all invited to be a part of writing this story as we unveil what else is behind our curtains."

"We will be signing theatrical rock/pop acts, some of which you may already be well acquainted with, while others will be new to the family," Parsons said.

The first release under the Hollywood Waste banner is from Vampires Everywhere! Their debut 'Kiss the Sun Goodbye' lands on May 17th. "Hollywood Waste was formed around the ideals of individuality and self-expression, which fits our band as a whole," said Vampires Everywhere! frontman Michael Vampire. "We are excited to further spread our evil around the world and have a label dedicated to our cause: World Domination. We are excited for this release and look forward to a long-lasting relationship as we build and grow as a band."

Watch the video for 'Immortal Love' by Vampires Everywhere!

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