Automatic Me is a Los Angeles-based quintet that just came together this past summer, but a couple of the members of the group might already be familiar to some Noisecreep readers.

Guitarist Alexander Rogue and drummer David Darko – who also happen to be brothers – were both members of Vampires Everywhere!, but Automatic Me rock out the kind of gargantuan hooks that should bring them to a larger audience.

After finding three other talented musicians to help bring their musical vision to fruition, Rogue and Darko had the prefect Automatic Me lineup. After demoing some material, the group approached producer Fred Archambault (Avenged Sevenfold, Deftones) and after being floored by their raw recordings, agreed to work with them.

During the recording process, Automatic Me and Archambault unanimously dubbed 'The Resistance' as single-ready. The song poignantly illustrates the struggles of facing obstacles and overcoming adversity to find freedom through hope and positivity. In this Noisecreep exclusive, we bring you the video premiere for 'The Resistance.'

Watch Automatic Me's 'The Resistance' Video

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Automatic Me guitarist Ryan Alvarado gave Noisecreep the skinny on 'The Resistence':

"Initially upon writing this track, we started with a basic foundation for what we wanted the song to define. What it evolved into was a song about the psychological resistance that we go through when times are tough. The inner struggle between giving up when your obstacles seem impossible, and finding that strength inside to realize that dreams are only tangible when you have the desire to believe. The desire to resist the complacency of failure. The desire to defy the conventional, and wake up from your defeatist slumber in order to fulfill your dreams.

"In regards to the video making process, when Carl Ball the director of "The Resistance" conceptualized the visual portrayal, we were all confident that he nailed it. Working with him as a director, and the rest of the people involved including Scott Hansen who produced the video was a dream come true. Making the video was physically tasking, seeing as we basically couldn't walk for days afterwards--but having all those people believing in us made it completely worth it. We are very proud of the product that teaming up with Digital Thunderdome and Scott Hansen Productions produced."

Automatic Me's 'The Resistance,' 'Coast to Coast,' and 'Here's to Now' are available on iTunes for download.

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