Hinder took the writing process or 'All American Nightmare' seriously, as they penned a total of 75 songs. They pared the initial lot down and tracked 50, further narrowing the pool of tunes down to the 11 which actually made the album. They wrote songs while on the road and then took eight months to record. Clearly, it was a period of marked creativity for Hinder.

"We had so many ideas we threw around and started tracking the ones we liked the most, and once we had those, we had a bunch of people, friends and fans come in and listen and took a collective survey of what was most popular and what worked the best," bassist Mike Rodden told Noisecreep about the way in which the band whittled down their options and came up with the final 11 songs.

It was a democratic process to select which songs stayed and which were axed, but things were made easier due to the fact that the band members were all on the same page. "Everyone dug the same songs," the bassist said. "We did make last minute switches, with one that was on record and one that was meant to be b-side and decided to swap those out."

As for the fate of those 39 other songs? They are not languishing or being shipped off to die. "We are going to keep them, or if there is another band a particular song would work for, we will ship it their way. But the ones we dig for us, we will save and revisit for a bonus track in the future or something. We have them on the back burner," Rodden said.

'All American Nightmare' is out Dece. 7.

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