For some reason, Hinder thought that by not being in the video for their new single, 'All American Nightmare' --- you know, by not strutting around, striking rock poses for the cameras or looking all rock gigolo -- it would draw more focus toward the song and away from the band. They were wrong in the best possible way.

Who'd rather watch a bunch of rockers pretending to play than a super-hot model rolling around, exposing her private tattoos (and more) and crawling seductively across the floor? "Our whole intent sort of backfired," Hinder vocalist Austin Winkler told Noisecreep, then laughed. "Now the model, Jesse Lee Denning, is all anybody is talking about."

Watch Hinder's ''Creep Show' Episode


Hinder's A&R man met Denning – who has done tattoo mag modeling – in a bar and recruited her for the project. The video, directed by Trevor Gilchrist and John Ales, depicts Denning as a good girl going to sleep with classical music on her iPod. Then, without provocation, her machine switches to Hinder's pole-dancing spectacular. All of a sudden, she turns from a dozing Cinderella to a slut from hella, doffing her nightgown and revealing sizzling hot lingerie. In the end, she awakens wearing the virginal nightgown again. But she sports a mysterious Hinder tattoo below her left shoulder.

"She's so awesome and nobody online can stop talking about these nipple slips in the video," said drummer Cody Hanson. "It's like, I dunno, if Christ came back or something. It's like the biggest thing ever. And it's really funny."

"Well, that and the fact that people think she's actually singing," added Winkler.

The title track from the band's new record, 'All American Nightmare,' was written as a companion tune of sorts to the opening song '2 Sides of Me.'

"'2 Sides of Me' is about having one side where you're a gentleman and then you do that extra shot and maybe you're not that gentleman anymore," said Winkler. "'All American Nightmare' is about the middle guy, who can talk you into anything and maybe also talk his way into your mama's panties."

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