Hinder have never been a band to mince words or downplay their endless rock 'n' roll party. So it's no surprise that the video for the title track from their forthcoming album, 'All American Nightmare,' is a sultry one. The stop-motion video features a buxom babe led from her quiet -- and nearly innocent -- night into the darker regions of the song.

"I make the good girls bad, and bad girls worse," frontman Austin Winkler boasts on the chorus. "I'm red, white, blue, tattooed and just don't care, I'm the all-American nightmare." Tinged with an element of Southern grit, this Ales Gilchrist Machine-directed video clearly fits the backroom theme of the song.

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After five years of non-stop touring, the Oklahoma quintet took their biggest break to put together 'All American Nightmare.' They wrote a total of 60 songs before they picked 10 for their third proper album. Co-produced by drummer Cody Hanson and Kevin Churko (At This Moment, Ozzy Osbourne), 'All American Nightmare' sees the band taking their already-successful sound and merging it with more attitude and a richer guitar sound.

'All American Nightmare' is due out Dec.7.

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