Oklahoma City rockers Hinder didn't venture too far from home when recording their new album, 'All American Nightmare.' The comfort level was elevated because they were able to do things on their own terms.

"We built a studio in Oklahoma where we live and we did the whole record there, minus vocals," bassist Mike Rodden told Noisecreep. "We could be at home and not worry about distractions and be comfortable making the record. We had a good time doing it, and it was nice to be able to get up in the morning, record, go back home and sleep in your bed as opposed to a hotel if you are out of town."

Rodden -- who went to school for graphic design with his sites set on a gig doing special effects and CGI for films -- acknowledged that 'All American Nightmare' is "a lot darker and a bit heavier than anything we've ever done, and it was natural progression to be that. We went through all of the party songs and happy fun rock songs on our other two albums. It's not that we're not having a good time anymore, but we wanted to progress and elevate our music to another level."

Rodden said Hinder chose to remain local in Oklahoma because the state is a nice place to decompress. "I like the people, everyone is nice," he said. "You can walk down the street and everyone says hi, and it's not like, 'Why are you talking to me?' It's always nice to get off the road and get out of that crazy environment of playing shows and be chill and laid back where everyone [is] nice."

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