Hot chicks and metal -- can you think of two things more suited for one another? We can't, and apparently, neither can Hinder. Noisecreep is thrilled to exclusively reveal the cover art and track list for the band's forthcoming album, 'All American Nightmare,' which boasts a blazing-hot, scantily-clad female. The cover's bold red and smoky grey coloring kidnaps the eye's focus.

"Our new album, 'All American Nightmare,' is almost two years in the making," the band told Noisecreep. "This is an album that really shows what Hinder is all about, and we feel our experiences and maturity as a band really translates in the songs. We've never worked so hard on a project or been more proud of anything we've ever done."

'All American Nightmare' is out Dec. 7.

'All American Nightmare'

1. 'All American Nightmare'

2. 'What Ya Gonna Do'

3. 'Waking Up the Devil'

4. 'Red Tail Lights'

5. 'Hey Ho'

6. 'Put That Record On'

7. 'This Is the Life'

8. 'Two Sides of Me'

9. 'Everybody's Wrong'

10. 'Striptease'

11. 'Bad Mother F---er'

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