Also known as the infamous 'Bob Weston Sessions,' Harvey Milk's should-have-been debut album was recorded in Chicago in the early '90s for 227 Records, and then it was shelved for reasons unbeknownst to the public.

Recognizing that the album never received a proper release, the folks at Hydra Head Records have gotten their hands on the official masters, reworked them with Harvey Milk mastermind Creston Spiers, and will be releasing a remastered version of Harvey Milk's debut album this January.

Most of the tracks on the soon-to-be released self-titled album have surfaced as other versions on later Harvey Milk albums, but Hydra Head will be offering the debut in full on Jan. 26.

'Harvey Milk' track list

1. Blueberry Dookie

2. Plastic Eggs

3. Merlin Is Magic

4. Dating Pressures

5. My Father's Life's Work

6. Probölkoc

7. Smile

8. Jim's Polish

9. F.S.T.P.

10. Anthem

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