Last time Noisecreep premiered a Halestorm video, it was for 'It's Not You' -- an upbeat, ready for fist-pumping song marked by bright-lighted visuals of long-legged sexy roller girls gone to war. 'Familiar Taste of Poison' is not even on the same field. This is the hard rockers' song on the darkness of love. "This song to me has always been a realistic way of looking at love," frontlady Elizabeth 'Lizzy' Hale told Noisecreep.

"The fantasies and happy endings are just that, fantasies," she explained. "There are no rules to live by or follow. Love is torture, a creeping and slow takeover, attacking your senses -- and awareness. To love someone and take someone in for all they are, and equally -- more importantly -- for all they are not, is the most beautiful and poisonous thing. You continue on, with only your flighty mind and slowed heartbeat to follow. Battling the opinions of others, questioning yourself and all society says that you're 'supposed to do.'"


Hale continued, "Nothing worth fighting for is ever easy. At this point of no return, you decide that this familiar taste of poison is the only thing that will guide you, the only thing that is in fact real."

In 'Familiar Taste of Poison,' Hale plays the role of the murdered in a film noir style story with the rest of the band filling out the characters: detective, suspect and mortician. It's very fitting for the video to get a very theatrical video (by way of Jeremy Alter) as many fans have taken to making their own videos for the song using scenes spliced from the 'Twilight' films and the vampire-based TV show 'True Blood.'

Beginning Aug. 17, Halestorm will be on the Uproar tour alongside Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold and Stone Sour.