Newcomers Hail the Villain are not a band to just follow the flow. With their debut album 'Population: Declining' due for stores on June 8, the hard rock-driven foursome is pulling out all the stops creating a multi-media monster of a Web site combining a comic book and animated stories that all tie into the album and give the fans a chance to join in.

"This is one of the most interactive Web sites that we've ever seen," states singer Bryan Crouch. "It truly brings our fans into our universe and allows us to have direct communication with them through our video channels, and the book of souls. It's a site where you can lose yourself for hours in the story that we created. I wish more bands were doing things like this."

The site was designed and built by Rune Entertainment and Grand Creative Studios from the sketches the band did for a comic book-styled story that revolved around 'Population: Declining.' It opens up with steel factory worker Drake Carter ending an affair with one of his co-workers; this leads to Carter's death by the hands of former lover Thea Landa. From there things get dark, as the prospect of Carter's soul comes into play. Fans are able to 'Villain-ize' themselves on the site, enabling them to share messages with the band.

'Population: Declining' can be previewed in full on the band's MySpace page. Beginning April 21, Hail the Villain begin a tour opening for Sevendust.

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