Hail the Villain are cut from the same well-designed cloth as bands like Pink Floyd, KISS, and Iron Maiden. Like those legendary groups, the Canadian band pays special attention to the visual side of their art and never treats it like an afterthought. For proof, just check out the stunning layout for their 2010 debut album, 'Population: Declining.' You might think you're looking at a new Frank Miller graphic novel.

Formed in 2003, Hail the Villain worked on their brash brand of hard rock on the Canadian club circuit before being snapped up by a wise A&R rep at Roadrunner Records. Last year, the band released 'Population: Declining' to rapturous reviews. ArtistDIRECT said, "Fueling a dark theatricality with violently vicious thrash riffs, Hail the Villain have made one of the most interesting and intriguing hard rock debuts in recent memory."

Noisecreep is psyched to present the world premiere of 'My Reward,' the new video from 'Population: Declining.' If you haven't checked out Hail the Villain yet, you're in for a treat.

Watch the video for Hail the Villain's 'My Reward'


Hail the Villain bassist Chad Taylor recently gave Noisecreep his thoughts on the 'My Reward' video.

"This video makes 'My Reward' a better song and that's the goal for all of the visuals supporting 'Population: Declining.' We're so excited to finally have a video that captures the spirit of Hail the Villain as performers," he said. "The band is always hands-on with all creative projects, but in this case we gave our director Alon Isocianu full control. What separates Alon from most directors is that he's an artist, and we wanted his vision."

'Population: Declining' is out now on Roadrunner Records.

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Prizes include an HTV t-shirt, CD, and comic book. Five winners will be randomly selected on Monday, May 23rd. Happy hailing!

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