Right from the first shows, Haarp have grabbed everyone's attention as the newest merchants of sludge to come from the hot bed of the slow and low that is New Orleans. After the band's second self-released EP, former Pantera frontman Phil Anselmo not only signed them up for his label Housecore Records, he took them under his heavily marked wings.

"It's kind of funny to us how many people are still star struck if they see [Anselmo] out in public," Haarp frontman Shaun Emmons told Noisecreep. "To us. he's family. He's good friends."

Having the legendary frontman attend their shows wasn't even a big deal. Sure it was an honor, especially on finding out how big of a fan he was. But to Emmons, Anselmo is one of his only neighbors on the north shore of Covington, located 45 minutes from New Orleans proper.

Working with Anselmo was freeing. The foursome was able to create as they saw fit with nothing holding them back. "Basically the way it is now he trust us with whatever we come up with. We've got total creative control with whatever we do. A lot of his touches production wise were added after the fact, but none-the-less it still helped a lot."

Emmons continued, detailing how grateful he is for Anselmo's guidance in the studio, "He's got so many professional recordings under his belt, and this was out first. There were a lot of things that we didn't think of or overlooked that he would bring up. I was glad he was there to bring it up."

Before 'The Filth' hit shelves, a video surfaced showing not only the crushing blow that is Haarp live, but it also gave an insight into the relationship between the label head and artist. Anselmo joined the band on vocals for 'All, Alone' at his girlfriend's surprise birthday party.

"Jesus we were drunk," Emmons laughed. "I look back on that video and wish we weren't so drunk, because it could have been better. I hope people aren't taking it too literally when they watch that."

Though Emmons wished the performance was closer to their regular stage show, the best part of the evening -- uncaptured due to the video camera losing power -- was only to be seen by those at the party.

Later in the evening, Haarp played the Pantera classic 'Walk' with Anselmo leading the charge on vocals as his mom and sisters watched in the audience. "That was fun. Not too many people can say they jammed Pantera songs with Phil Anselmo. It was a spectacle to say the least."

Haarp will be on tour with Arson Anthem and Warbeast beginning on Jan. 25.

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