Gwar are no strangers to the talk show circuit. Over the years, the intergalatic shock rockers have brought their depraved mayhem to both 'The Jerry Springer Show' and 'The Joan Rivers Show.' But Oct. 28 sees the band graduate from white trash to prime time when they debut on 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.'

"Finally someone else in TV world decided to give Gwar a shot," frontman Dave "Oderus Urungus" Brockie, tells Noisecreep.

While over-the-top, gore-filled debauchery didn't seem to be a problem for lowbrow daytime TV in the '90s, you have to wonder if the band's legendary live show will get a pass from NBC.

"I might have to tuck the Cuttlefish between my legs," laughs Brockie.

Although it's been confirmed that the outfit will perform lead single 'Zombie's March!' from their forthcoming album, 'Bloody Pit of Horror,' Gwar's longtime commander reveals that the actual details of the performance are still being hammered out.

"We are deep in negotiations right now," he says. "Obviously, we want to bring as much of the Gwar show as possible, but at the same time, we want people to understand that this is a band; we want to have both elements of Gwar, both the show and the music, represented."

"We're trying to get away with murder," Brockie snarls. "We'll see ... if we can manage a felony."