It's the mother of all soccer/metal publicity stunts, like Spinal Tap with a soccer backstory! Global advertising agency W+K created the first and only soccer-inspired metal band, Group of Death. The name is a reference to the toughest, opening-round group chosen during the World Cup draw and Group of Death were conceived in order to help promote the fevered moment of the sport's highly competitive draw.

Armed with content-fueled Facebook, MySpace and YouTube pages -- as well as a Spinal Tap-ian mockumentary -- Group of Death were born! The band even played a 40-minute show on Dec. 4 at New York City soccer pub Nevada Smith's. The band played four glam rock-inspired originals and injected soccer classics, like Ricky Martin's 1998 World Cup Theme Song 'The Cup of Life' and Manchester United's team song, 'You'll Never Walk Alone,' by Elvis Presley, with a metal edge.

W+K generated buzz the way most publicists would with a real metal band! They sent press kits to soccer bloggers and tastemakers at World Cup Insider, EPL Talk and This Is American Soccer and offered up interviews with the Group to create a profile. Even ESPN promoted the concert during their coverage of the draw.

Lead singer and songwriter Baron von Steve described the Group's songs in a statement, saying, "'Welcome to the Group of Death' made everyone pay attention to us as a band and take our love of football and metal seriously. It's your introduction to the band and everything we stand for."

The song 'We All Call It Awesome' was scribed after an incident in an Irish pub with some college kids over the term 'soccer' vs. 'football' in 1998. "There needs to be a song that unites 'football' and 'soccer' fans everywhere," the singer said.

The song 'Your Love Is Like a Boot to the Face' was supposedly written in 10 minutes and is about "when you fall in love, it's like a more powerful experience than getting tackled by Oguchi Onyewu. You're just beaten and grass-stained. I showed up to record one morning and Joooeeelll [Trucadero, lead guitarist] goes, 'Dude, you look awful.' And I go, 'It's my girlfriend, man. Her love is like a boot to the face.'"

The tune 'Soccer City' is a tribute to the 2010 World Cup, which is pretty much why Group of Death exists! Baron von Steve also said, "We're so psyched for the country of South Africa, because they love football over there and they love to bang their heads. We have had thousands of fans request that we play over there, but we haven't been able to go because [our other lead guitarist] The Ant has a fear of elephants. We keep telling him that we won't go on a safari or anything but he doesn't want to take the chance."

As the 2010 World Cup draws nearer -- it's in June, if you're not a soccer freak -- expect to hear more from Group of Death.

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