Steel Panther’s ‘Balls Out’ Ads Deemed Too Racy for UK
As Nigel Tufnel discovers in 'This Is Spinal Tap' when label execs rejected the band's cover for 'Smell the Glove,' there's a difference between sexy and sexist. Hair-metal revivalists Steel Panther recently learned the same lesson, as advertisements for their 'Balls Out' album have gotten them in trouble with U...
Gothic Slam, ‘Just a Face in the Crowd’ — Rediscovered Steel
Gothic Slam formed in 1984 as part of the fledgling American thrash scene. The band's blue collar work ethic quickly found them a loyal local following in clubs like L'amour's in Brooklyn, N.Y. and Studio One in New Jersey. The folks at Torrid Records snatched up Gothic Slam a couple of years later and released their debut album, 1988's 'Killer Instinct...
Judas Priest, AC/DC Win Big at 2010 Grammys
The 2010 Grammys have come and gone, with Taylor Swift and Beyoncé walking away the night's biggest winners, but friend of Noisecreep Rob Halford and British metallers Judas Priest finally took home the bronze statuette for Best Metal Performance, edging out fellow nominees Slayer, Megadeth, Ministry and Lamb of God, who were no-shows at the awards because a massive snowstorm kept them in their na
Stephen Colbert Robs Spinal Tap of Best Comedy Album Grammy
The Grammys are known for not getting it right when it comes to metal. Ahem, Jethro Tull over Metallica, anyone? OK, so the Academy has since atoned for that grand misstep, which occured all the way back in 1989. But we're going to give them some flack due to the fact that Stephen Colbert defeated Spinal Tap in the Best Comedy Album category...
Top 10 Funny Songs in Metal
Metal is one of those genres that takes itself so seriously, it's automatically hilarious. That's why we've endeavored to bring you the top 10 funny songs in metal. Granted, it's more than possible we missed a few tracks, which is why we encourage you to offer your two cents...
Fake Metal Band Group of Death Created for 2010 World Cup
It's the mother of all soccer/metal publicity stunts, like Spinal Tap with a soccer backstory! Global advertising agency W+K created the first and only soccer-inspired metal band, Group of Death. The name is a reference to the toughest, opening-round group chosen during the World Cup draw and Group of Death were conceived in order to help promote the fevered moment of the sport's highly competiti

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