Break out the Fels Naptha, that industrial-strength soap mechanics use to slough off the motor oil and dirt that lodges under their fingernails. That's because micro-indie label Willowtip will be reissuing Grief's 'Come to Grief,' long regarded as a doom/sludge essential that's so filthy, it'll make you require a scalding hot shower.

The album has been out of print for as long as we can remember and was initially released by Century Media all the way back in 1994. That may only be 16 years ago, but that's an eternity in metal years. But hey, who's counting? The re-release, expected to drop on July 13, will boast expanded artwork, as well as an unreleased track that was recorded for a low-budget horror flick. How fitting.

Grief formed in Boston in 1991 by guitarist Terry Savastano and drummer Randy Odierno, both late of anarchist punk band Disrupt. Their barge-like, Sabbathian style led them to eventual cult status and they released a handful of seven-inches and splits with Dystopia and Corrupted. They pulled the plug on the whole operation in March of last year.

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