Mike Dirnt has been holding down the low end in Green Day since the beginning. To Green Day fans, he’s known for pumping out fast bass runs that cut through the song, and that often play key melodic roles. Part of his unique bass presence comes from his old, worn Fender Precision bass. He recently partnered with Fender to design two new P-basses that have the look and feel of the original Precision bass, but the range and versatility of a modern bass.

The first of the two basses is the Fender Mike Dirnt Road Worn Precision Bass. Modeled after a 1951 Precision bass, the finish is aged to give it the look of a vintage instrument. It has an ash body, available in either a sunburst or White Blonde lacquered finish. The 20-fret neck has a fat “C”-shaped profile and the classic Telecaster-style headstock.

The sunburst bass’ neck has a rosewood fretboard, and the White Blonde version comes with a maple neck. The Road Worn P-bass sports a split-coil custom ’59-style pickup. The Green Day bassist said this pickup was designed to have a ton of punch that will cut through any mix.

The Squier Mike Dirnt Precision bass offers a more affordable option to those who want the look and sound of a Precision bass but don’t have the spare coin to get the Road Worn model. The Squier model comes in either Black or Arctic White.

Dirnt worked with Fender for two years to get his signature basses perfect. He said he can pull one right out of the box, tune it up and maybe adjust the action, then he can jump right on stage with it.

To get a closer look at the Fender Mike Dirnt Road Worn Precision bass, visit Fender’s website, and to check out the Squier Mike Dirnt Precision Bass, click over to the Squier homepage.