Gorguts, the seminal death metal outfit who roared back with the ferocious Colored Sands in 2013, are slated to release the Pleiades' Dust EP, due May 13 on Season of Mist. The release will consist of just one track spanning over 30 minutes and a second clip, "Besieged," represents seven minutes of the song, displaying the signature, twisted brand of Gorguts.

Opening with a singular, dreary guitar riff complete with mainman Luc Lemay's undying affinity for dissonance and atonality, the slow-rolling "Besieged" ever so gradually increases in intensity. Rolling, surgical drum work propels the droning riffs, gaining more traction with each measure. Subtle lead work serves as counterpoint and the two guitars eventually sync up three minutes into the track and the mechanical aspect of the Gorguts sound is in full effect.

"Besieged" never dips into the full scale madness Gorguts are known for, but, again, it only represents under one third of the whole component and the band are masters at building tension with underlying themes traversing their way through the serpentine arrangements. Colored Sands marked a bit of a departure in the overt chaos of the polarizing Obscura and its successor From Wisdom to Hate.

At the time of the Colored Sands release, Lemay spoke about the new direction with Loudwire, stating, "Also, this time I wanted to do longer songs. I wanted to have a more progressive feel to the music. This record has a more soundtrack approach so to speak in the music. I wanted to write an album that was more descriptive music wise and then when it was ready to put a concept to it I thought I had a music canvas that suited the concept very well." The same appears to be true for Pleiades' Dust  based on the sampling so far.

Pre-orders for Pleiades' Dust can be placed here.

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