There sure are a lot of dreamy guys out there, right ladies? Brad Pitt, David Beckham, that promise keeper vampire dude from 'Twilight,' Goatwhore's Ben Falgoust ... wait, what? Yes. Falgoust was included in Revolver's 'Hottest Men in Metal' list last year, and has yet to live it down.

"Revolver Magazine has that 'Hottest Chicks in Metal' thing," Falgoust tells Noisecreep. "There was this girl that worked there, Rebecca, and she started doing this blog and started a 'Hot Dudes in Metal' thing. It was pretty amusing, and I got harassed about it for a month and a half. Every now and then someone else likes to bring it up."

Rebecca Fain, who worked at Revolver as a photo editor and now does the same at INKED Magazine, penned the now infamous list to -- in her words -- "combat the silliness of Revolver's 'Hot Chicks In Metal' issue by giving a female voice to the magazine and web-site, by sexually objectifying some of the metal dudes of today." Fain adds that the practice was much more widespread with magazines like Circus and Hit Parader in the '80s and '90s.

"He doesn't think he is hot, which makes him hot," Fain tells Noisecreep. "He is smart and down to earth and incredibly talented, not to mention a true survivor. He isn't Bret Michaels or some other chump who wants to be seen as a sex symbol. He is a good role model for other men. I have yet to meet a metal chick who doesn't agree with me about Ben's all-encompassing radness. I feel bad that he was ridiculed for my list, but I think he has a sense of humor about it when all is said and done."

Thankfully, Falgoust does. "It was like Dave Mustaine and me, and some other guy from Lamb of God," he says. "It was ridiculous, but I guess it's an honor. All it did is get me harassment from my other band mates. Maybe it will lead to my inevitable photo shoot in Playgirl." Sadly for Ben, Playgirl has since folded, so he won't be able to join the ranks of Type O Negative frontman (and list includee) Peter Steele.

Goatwhore's fourth album, 'Carving Out the Eyes of God' was released on June 23. The band will be touring in support of the album through October.

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