Before heading into the studio to work on their fifth album, New Orleans' blackened metallers Goatwhore will have canvased the U.S. with three fall tours. The NOLA metal merchants just wrapped a tour with the Absence and will head out with the Black Dahlia Murder and Arkaik this week. After that tour wraps in October, the band will head with Watain and Black Anvil, spreading their seeds of doom.

Goatwhore barely have a minute off this fall, but vocalist Ben Falgoust found time to talk to Noisecreep about the band's nonstop road trek. "I am out here to play some extreme rock 'n' roll, so I guess there is really nothing to cope with except for the others that drink and such to cope," Falgoust told Noisecreep about the copious amounts of Goatwhore tour dates and how they can wear on mere mortal men.

Falgoust continued, "You pretty much learn to adapt to surroundings. Some people have a home and the 9-to-5 job and we have the van and work the graveyard shift every night. I knew what I was getting into when I locked in to this traveling circus. Now it is just a way of life."

Metal is clearly the only way of life for Goatwhore, who conspire to color our world with their blackened blasphemy. Falgoust said that the new album is going to be "pretty much the next step after 'Carving Out the Eyes of God.' Loud guitars and spitting blasphemy about every possible form of sheep herding religion in the world. We can't reveal too much because then it wouldn't be a surprise."

Falgoust's other band, Soilent Green, is also active. The band will play Europe's Roadburn Fest in April. "We're working on new tunes and a new record in 2011 ... and the cycle repeats itself."