Goatwhore's name, in a mainstream and commercial sense, isn't the most inviting. But they play Satanic Hell-thrashing heavy metal, so it's not like they need it to be. Regardless, YouTube found "Apocalyptic Havoc," a song that's now 10 years old, unsuitable for their advertisers.

The New Orleans group's label home, Metal Blade, tweeted an email they received from YouTube, explaining that the video was demonetized after being published a decade ago. YouTube claimed, "After manually reviewing your video, we've confirmed that it isn't suitable for all advertisers. As a result, it will continue to run limited or no ads. Your video remains playable and is still eligible to earn subscription revenue from YouTube Red."

The lyrics, which really don't sound much different than an impassioned, fiery preacher warning of the evils of sin and its one-way ticket to eternal punishment and damnation, can be read below. As for the imagery, there's a couple inverted cross banners, which, at least in the context of metal videos, is the equivalent of calling someone a "meanie-head." It's not like anyone is being eviscerated.

Listen to the song further toward the bottom of the page or, better yet, listen on Spotify. The band may only be getting fractions of a penny from your Spotify plays, but that's now more than YouTube will yield for "Apocalyptic Havoc."

watch the skies as hell comes riding in
on a horse of pale to name this wrath
torturing worthless souls as this reign begins
this hand of doom is set to rule the world

a wilted faith in these times of regret
sculpting death in madness obsessed

words of this mayhem cast out loud
a timeless torture foretold in a sky of black
torn souls from the mold of flesh and bone
hordes of plague in this path of all decay

obliterate the screams of the weak
who needs a god when you've got Satan

no god to offer this forgiveness
no god to punish for these sins
tormented for the prize of salvation
broken loyalty to life after death

these dark thoughts of this revival
answered by the prayers of this carnage
confusion caused in the spread of horror
the answer to your nightmares has just begun

forgotten praise of a savior from the rapture beyond the clouds
a burning fear of the wrongs that the slave has chosen

cleansed in flame, purified through ash
these burning rites of the vengeful
the head of three faces, severed in confession
ritual abuse to swarm the insects of famine

endless weight of sufferance closing the source of breath
battle call for the rise of genocide for the righteous believers
unholy force to be summoned by the screams of slaughter
the wicked tongue of plague calling forth the death of god

Our question is this: What key words did advertisers and Goatwhore have in common that even led to this whole kerfuffle in the first place? You keep doing you, Goatwhore. By the way, aren't you due for a new album soon?

Goatwhore, "Apocalyptic Havoc"

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