The brutality of Goatwhore will pulverize us once again! The blackened death metal masters have just finished recording their sixth studio album with production from Hate Eternal frontman and longtime studio partner Erik Rutan. Even more interesting, Goatwhore and Rutan chose to go old-school and record the album onto analog tape.

Goatwhore have become a force in the death metal realm thanks to solid material and relentless touring. The band's latest album, 'Blood for the Master,' combined modern death metal with atmospheric and demonic black metal, making for an essential listen. We love ourselves some Goatwhore, so we, along with thousands of rabid fans can't wait for the group's newest offering.

Rutan posted about Goatwhore's new album on his personal Facebook page:

The Goatwhore album is now mixed and just mastered by Alan at WWSM. I could not be more proud of all our efforts. This is my 4th album with GW and their loyalty and commitment is something I respect tremendously. To record mostly to analog was incredible and the results exemplify that. Amazing tones and performances. This is the real deal!!

It takes a lot of guts to record an album to tape in a day and age of metal where conformity and sterility are more commonplace then originality and vibe. It has been 9 years since I have recorded anything to 2 inch tape, since Hate Eternal "I Monarch" and Soilent Green "Confrontation", but I guarantee it won't be my last!! I cannot wait for everyone to hear this album and I give Goatwhore my complete and utter respect. It has been an honor to work with Goatwhore once again and I thank them for bringing out the best of me!!! PERFORMANCE OVER PERFECTION!!!

Goatwhore's sixth studio album doesn't have a release date yet, but stay tuned for the announcement once a date has been revealed.