It's been a rough couple of years for the music business. The CD is dying, and the business of selling recorded music seems to be going through a continual downsizing. Ghostlimb's 'Unending Ache,' from their new album 'Infrastructure,' explores this hot-button topic with aggressive, old-school style hardcore that is potent enough to put hair on your chest.

"'Unending Ache' is about how in the last ten years or so, the music industry has experienced a form of democratization and become much more horizontal," vocalist/guitarist Justin Smith, also of Graf Orlock, recently told Noisecreep. "This is by no means at the behest of large companies still clinging to the CD market and now annoyingly infringing on the vinyl market. With the Internet and the accessibility of music to everyone, things have irreparably changed for the large companies, although also at the sad cost of a lot of smaller record stores. To me this is great: for every $18 CD out there that costs 13 cents to make, there is a kid somewhere recording something on their own and making it available without any middlemen at all."

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Smith likened the new method of making and selling music to a counter-cultural movement that thrived in the '80s. "It is a new form of the '80s tape culture that totally supported underground music and spread it to new scenes and people when there was no Internet," Smith said. "So from that perspective, god speed music industry. Cooperativeness and a legitimate interest in music will forever trump flash-in-the-pan investment in single-makers."

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