DecibelYes, you read right. Decibel editor Andrew Bonazelli, author of 'A Regular,' is releasing the tome via Vitriol, the record label owned and operated by art purveyor Justin Smith of the band Dangers. It may seem odd on paper to release a book through a record company.

"I only resorted to Vitriol because Pete Wentz/Decaydance shot me down and Tragic Hero never called back," Bonazelli joked to Noisecreep. "Seriously, though, I was going to release this entirely on my own, after a commitment with my original publisher, also a friend, fell through. I sought out Justin for advice, as he's totally owned putting out Ghostlimb/Graf [Orlock] stuff. He was cool enough to suggest co-releasing it on Vitriol, as my publishing 'entity' is called Was a Man, in case I ever wanna do this again, or work with friends' manuscripts in the future."

Smith and Bonazelli have a smart arrangement and the pair are a good fit, because as Bonazelli said, "I think we have a fairly congruous sense of gallows humor, and an interest in re-contextualizing nostalgia in a thoughtful, non-obligatory 'Juno' kinda way. So I hope the book fits into the awesome aesthetic he's already developed and doesn't totally 86 his cred."

'A Regular' delves into the notion of a bar 'regular.' Bonazelli revealed more details, saying that the 'regular' is someone "who has a very specific, personal, mysterious reason for exiting life and disappearing into the bottle, yet in public. This story is about one of those dudes -- pudgy, socially awkward, way too old to be there, but not quite a Peter Pan case -- who literally can't leave the bar, or he'll be bombarded with very combative, annoying elements of his adolescent imagination.

"That applies to the way he perceived girls/toys/comics/movies/you name it at age 15. There's a reason why all this bulls--- from that specific era makes his life hell; he kind of knows it, and the book is his very roundabout, half-assed and hopefully funny attempt to finally confront it."

If you like character-driven books, then 'A Regular' will tickle your brain. But what about Decibel readers? We love Decibel for its very elitist, extreme stance on our genre, but will the Decibel faithful tear into 'A Regular?'

"Well, there is a very brief appearance from a pornogrind/twee band fronted by 'Monsieur Cuntbarf,'" Bonazelli said. "That's probably the closest touchstone. It's not Dethklok or a J. Bennett column or anything -- as in, not nearly as good -- but I think/hope there's a shared sense of nihilism/willful 'f--- you' immaturity ... not to mention sincere appreciation of tits, guns and amputations that any good metal fan would dig."

Pornogrind twee? Amputations? Boobies? We're in! Get regular on April 6.

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