Ghost released yet another masterful album this year, Meliora, further contributing to what's quickly becoming a grand discography. We know you've been spinning Meliora like the end of the world is fast approaching, so you'll be overjoyed to hear a brand new Ghost track, "Zenith," which was only included on the LP version of Meliora.

Ranking the three albums Ghost has put out from best to worst would be a tough task, mainly because the records are so different in nuance. However, most fans of the sonic cult seem to agree that Meliora boasts the strongest flow and conceptual cohesion of Ghost's career. So despite "Zenith" being a solid track, we can understand why it was relegated to a special release.

The six-minute "Zenith" is a low key cut that'll grow on you like a fungus. It's menacing yet soft, constantly standing on the edge of exploding into a full-blown apocalyptic cut. However, Ghost repeatedly reign it in right before "Zenith" is about to break off the leash. Apart from "Deus in Absentia," "Zenith" may also feature the best use of the choir featured throughout Meliora. So if you're into some rich vocal textures, be sure to check out "Zenith" in the clip above.

Ghost are just about to begin their takeover of North America, so to check out their full list of 2015 tour dates, click here.

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