Killswitch Engage are in the midst of working on music for their next album and vocalist Jesse Leach has revealed that one of the new tracks on their upcoming disc will deal with the subject of domestic violence.

In an Instagram posting, Leach offered more insight on his decision to broach the subject and also revealed that he supports the Black Dot Campaign. For those unaware, the idea of the black dot campaign is that a victim of domestic abuse places a black dot on their hand and shows it to someone to alert them they are in need of assistance. This is done as a signal so that the abuser, who is likely watching, may be unaware that the victim is tipping off their need for assistance.

Leach says he's been witness to domestic abuse, living next to a couple where he couldn't help but hear what was going on. You can read his full post and check out a photo with Leach showing his support of the Black Dot Campaign below.

The Black Dot Campaign. The black dot on your hand lets professionals know you’re a really vulnerable domestic violence survivor and that you need help but can’t ask because your abuser is watching your every move. Help pass this information around! If it gains enough attention it could truly help Someone in need. This issue means a great deal to me as I know survivors and victims. In fact I have written a song for the new @killswitchengage record that’s is about this precise topic. I also lived next door to a couple and had to carefully intervene. Hearing her scream and cry as she was hit repeatedly! It’s disgusting that people endure this abuse! It is much more prevalent than you may think, or perhaps, you know all to well?! #TheBlackDotCampaign #domesticviolenceawareness #dva #BlackDotCampaign #QuietDistress #Help #Abuse #DomesticViolence

The vocalist is taking a little break from recording at the moment as he was recently diagnosed with strep throat. After getting the "all clear," Leach expects to resume singing with the band as they work toward their follow-up to their Disarm the Descent disc.