John Bush is currently fronting Armored Saint, but for five albums he was the vocalist for Anthrax and the singer reveals he's been dealing with the process of being properly compensated for his time in the band.

According to Bush, he's had issues receiving the proper compensation for his work since he exited the band, but he's been working with the group's accounting company to get everything squared away.

The vocalist revealed the issue while appearing on Jamey Jasta's Jasta Show podcast. "I probably shouldn't be saying this, but I'm saying it. I'm out there signing Anthrax records I made. I just wanna be paid for the records made and sold," said Bush. "I'm super proud of all the music I made in Anthrax, I just wanna be paid for it. I don't even get statements. It was a pain in the butt."

Bush says he believes that an end to the issue is in sight, adding, "We're going through it right now. We're ironing it out. There's a new accounting company, and they seem to be on the up and up now. I've been paid, I just haven't been paid consistently and not updated. It's all good. We'll work it out -- I hope. It's been a little frustrating."

Armored Saint are currently supporting their Win Hands Down album, while Anthrax are preparing the follow-up to their Worship Music disc.

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