Master marketer and KISS bassist Gene Simmons has launched a new venture called Rock & Brews. We know, we were expecting a new brand of KISS condoms or KISS toilet paper or KISS Kettle Korn, too. But alas, 'tis just a restaurant. Chow down on a burger an toss one back, all the while surrounded by concert footage? Bring it.

The So Cal eatery is meant to conjure up the excitement of live concerts during the dining experience, thanks to an backstage-themed environment including "The Great Wall of Rock," which includes rock posters, rock art and multiple flat screen televisions. We gotta hand it to Simmons. He is thinking simply and wisely with this particular arm of his marketing empire.

Simmons is aiming to work quickly in terms of turning the Rock & Brews business plan into a fully functioning restaurant. The first Rock & Brews is scheduled to open just south of LAX in the beach community of El Segundo, California on April 3.

Several other locations are in the works in the Los Angeles area, including one at LAX, as well as locations in Denver; Atlanta; Maui; Tokyo; and Los Cabos, Mexico. The expansion plan anticipates the opening of four Rock & Brews establishments in 2012 with aggressive plans for continued expansion worldwide beginning in 2013 and beyond. So one could be coming to your area sooner than later.

Krazy KISS Merchandise Gallery

Simmons works with Michael Zislis, a staple on the L.A. restaurant scene, and Dave Furano, a veteran concert promoter, for Rock & Brews.

The menu features casual American fare in line with the rock 'n' roll theme. "Opening Acts" are appetizers, while "VIP" dishes include salads and hand-crafted burgers. There are "Headliner" sandwiches, "Front Row" pizzas and "Encores" desserts. The emphasis is clearly on quality comfort food.

The libations are just as crucial and carefully edited. More than 40 craft beers are available on tap via a state-of-the-art draft system with hundreds more available in the bottle or can.

Multiple large screen televisions that continuously screen concert videos and live recordings of the greatest rock concerts of all time with state-of-the-art sound ensure top notch entertainment.

How many Kiss gigs do you think will screen? We're guessing plenty.

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