Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons don't just make beautiful music together and market every product under the sun in KISS. The singer/guitarist and singer/bassist are teaming up for a huge restaurant venture. Simmons's Rock & Brews restaurant is ready to expand worldwide, and will do so with Stanley as a partner. The duo will co-host the March 22 and 23 opening of Rock & Brews in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, the second location for the emerging brand.

"I am honored to join the Rock & Brews lineup, and am especially excited for our first international location in Los Cabos," said Stanley. "Rock & Brews is truly a unique concept that embraces music and concert-style social gatherings like no other dining venue."

Rock & Brews Los Cabos boasts a concert-themed atmosphere, with hand-painted murals of rock artists, album and tour art and a backstage-style vibe. Sounds cool to us.

Linkin Park continue to do good. The band has designed a bracelet to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy via Music for Relief. All proceeds from the bracelet support the organization's Sandy recovery effort in Haiti; yes, the superstorm that ravaged the East Coast had further-reaching effects. Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park recently traveled to Haiti to get a better understanding of the organization's treatment of cholera and prevention work. Watch the video footage of his pilgrimage.

Watch Linkin Park's Bracelet Video

The Bunny The Bear, who traffic in that dance-rock hybrid, will release their third studio album, Stories, on April 16.

"I think fans, while finding some directional choices surprising, are really going to enjoy this release. This is the first album I've written where I've stepped out of the 'normal' comfort zone that surrounded The Bunny The Bear, and, in retrospect, created something quite enjoyable," said The Bunny.

Check out the clip of "In Like Flynn" here.

Nonpoint are launching an IndieGogo campaign to keep themselves on the road. While raising some funds, they will give back to their fans with perks that include exclusive merchandise and unique experiences for fans ranging from $5 digital demos to $5,000 for a private acoustic performance. Details are available here.

About the campaign, the band said: "As you know, we're on some killer tours this spring with Hinder, All That Remains and HELLYEAH and are thrilled to be out kicking ass every night across the States. We've had a blast with each and every one of you and can't wait to see the rest of your faces in the coming months!

"Touring ain't the easiest job in the world, and you guys make it possible for us to keep chugging along. It's all about give and take. We have officially finished creating a campaign that allows us here in Nonpoint to finance these tours, but it's not something we can do on our own. This is where you guys come in. And in return for your support, we'll be returning the favor. So - we are going to be offering a number of very VERY exclusive, limited-supply Nonpoint goodies. This is the ONLY chance anyone will ever have to pick up any of these tasty temptations, so make sure you get the chance to check out what we're going to be offering. Thank you all for helping Nonpoint make 2013 the best year we've ever had!!"

If you have the means to support, why not do it? The prizes are pretty sweet.