This past week (Oct. 12), the famed Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp opened up its brand new facility in Las Vegas, Nev., where the camp will now be based. Noisecreep was on site for all the fun and will be bringing you a series of exclusive videos and interviews throughout the rest of the month.

In addition to its new rehearsal and recording studios located just off the strip, the Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp also unveiled its new showpiece within the spectacular MGM Grand Hotel - two state of the art rehearsal/recording "pods" located right on the casino floor, with viewing windows so that passersby by can observe the rock star/camper interactions. The Vegas-based concept was the brainchild of camp founder David Fishof who has been working closely with the hotel to forge a co-branding relationship that seemed to go very well in its inaugural week.

KISS legend Gene Simmons was the headline teacher at camper for this session, and as you'll see in upcoming reports, he took his job very seriously.

Noisecreep chatted with Simmons after he finished up his very first camper sessions at the MGM, and he shared with us his thoughts about the campers, the acclaimed new KISS album Monster, and the upcoming Presidential election.

Watch Gene Simmons Talk Fantasy Camp, Critics and Politics

Get more information about Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp at their official site.

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Watch 'Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy Camp at MGM Grand' Video

KISS' 20th studio album, Monster is out now and available on iTunes and Amazon.

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