Gene Hoglan, one of the most talented extreme metal drummers, has a resume dating back to 1983 when he was knocking heads in Los Angeles violent thrash band Dark Angel. Since then, he has played in Death, Strapping Young Lad, Zimmer's Hole, Old Man's Child, Tenet, Dethklok and most recently Fear Factory. And now, culling together decades of experience, Hoglan has assembled the instructional DVD, 'The Atomic Clock.'

Praised as one of the fastest, heaviest players in the thrash and death metal genres, Hoglan adapted to speed and intensity with great ease. "The Speed factor was something that just started naturally ocurring, becuase I was kind of a hyper kid drumming, and playing those speeds was a piece of cake," Hoglan told Noisecreep. "It was really comfortable."

Hoglan is releasing 'The Atomic Clock' on Hoglan Industries in the U.S. and on Reversed Records in Canada. The DVD showcases Hoglan's three decades of insane drumming experience with multiple bands, and during the two-hour program he demonstrates his playing style and describes what tips and tricks he has learned for each respective subgenre he played.

'The Atomic Clock' features nine full songs from various projects, including five from the 2008 Mechanism album 'Inspired Horrific,' as well as improvised solos.

"I am real proud of this thing," Hoglan said. "A whole lotta love and fun went into the making of it, and I'm real stoked to be bringing it to the public. Those who have seen it have seemed to really enjoy it, and you don't even have to be a drummer to get a kick out of it."

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