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Gene Hoglan, ‘The Atomic Clock’ — Instructional DVD
Gene Hoglan, one of the most talented extreme metal drummers, has a resume dating back to 1983 when he was knocking heads in Los Angeles violent thrash band Dark Angel. Since then, he has played in Death, Strapping Young Lad, Zimmer's Hole, Old Man's Child, Tenet, Dethklok and most recently Fear Factory...
The End, Indie Recordings Bring Norwegian Black Metal to U.S. Shores
Norwegian back metal has gained much attention as a serious sonic form and artistic endeavor in the U.S., but there are still many releases that do not find their way onto U.S. shores. To help remedy that, The End Records in conjunction with Indie Recordings have signed a distribution deal that will be bringing some notable black metal releases, including Vreid (members of Windir), 'Engangsgrill'
From the Depths: Blut au Nord, Darkthrone, Sarke
FADE TO BLACK: Iconoclastic French progressive black metallers Blut aus Nord have parted ways with longtime label Candlelight Records. The band's latest release, 'Memoria Vetusta II: Dialogue With the Stars,' was met with fervent critical acclaim (and is already one of my hands down favorite records of 2009...
Album Art of the Week: Nightrage – ‘Wearing A Martyr’s Crown’
"Well, first I have to say, I'm a great Nightrage fan so doing that cover was really cool," graphic designer Gustavo Sazes told Noisecreep. "Marios just sent me the title and said ''Do it killer, man!'" Sazes has done design work for bands such as Arch Enemy, God Forbid, and Old Man's Child, and it speaks well of Nightrage's quality of music to be included with such heavy-hitt
Old Man’s Child: How Mobile Phones Inspired New Album
Dimmu Borgir guitarist Galder has resurrected his side project, Old Man's Child, and recorded a new album, the band's seventh, entitled 'Slaves Of The World.' Available on Century Media Records, the follow up to 2005's Vermin is being touted as Galder's "darkest and most hateful album to date...