Hurtsmile is a new project by Extreme frontman Gary Cherone and his brother Mark. The self-titled debut is available now via Frontiers, and the band is excited about the video for 'Just War Theory.' The fledgeling act even got some help from a famous Bostonian: Ernie Boch Jr. The super rich car dealer lent the boys in Hurtsmile his airplane hanger just for the video shoot.

"He let us borrow his hanger, and we made it a performance clip," Gary Cherone tells Noisecreep. "We thought about doing [a] concept [video], but we just decided to show the band performing. We think it's edited well, and we are excited about it being the first single off the record."

Watch Hurtsmile's 'Just War Theory' Video


It's hard enough for established bands to pick albums singles. Compound the pressure of being a new act with a famous frontman, and that makes choosing key album tracks even more difficult.

"Usually there are two or three songs that rise above the other ones, and 'Just War Theory' is one of them," explains Cherone. "A first video ... you wouldn't pick something slow or mid-tempo so you rule those out. It's as good as two or three other tracks. It represents the band. [It is] pretty aggressive, very rock 'n' roll and has a good lead in it. We just wanna make a splash with this first video."

Today, Noisecreep proudly premieres the video for Hurtsmile's 'Just War Theory.' Watch and see if you think they accompished their mission.

Hurtsmile are currently booking tour dates. The band will play the M3 Rock Festival in Columbia, Md. in May.