Brian Robertson has had the kind of career most guitarists would give their right pinkies for. At the age of 18, the Scottish-born axeman auditioned his way into the lineup of Irish hard rock gods Thin Lizzy. Along with Scott Gorham, Robertson would go on to create Thin Lizzy's oft-imitated twin guitar sound. After playing with the group through the course of five studio albums, he played in the band Wild Horses and also spent time in Motörhead.

In the years since, Robertson has kept busy out on the road. Now, he has finally gotten around to making his first official solo album. On April 5th, he'll be releasing 'Diamonds and Dirt,' and Noisecreep is thrilled to present the exclusive premiere of the album's title track.

"'Diamonds and Dirt' is about my perception of ex-girlfriends I've had. Some are the memories are sweet and some are sour," Robertson told Noisecreep. "Sometimes they're beautiful and caring, and sometimes they're non-caring and they become ugly. But you know what -- men are no better! Such is life."

Listen to 'Diamonds and Dirt'

The album also features drummer Ian Haugland (Europe) and bassist Nalley Påhlsson (Treat), and finds Robertson also revisiting some classic Thin Lizzy tracks that he co-wrote with Lizzy's late bassist-vocalist Phil Lynott. "I think Phil would be proud of what I've done with those Lizzy songs," says Robertson. "My guitar style is audibly stronger than it was back then, when we admittedly still sounded a little wooden."

'Diamonds and Dirt' will hit stores on April 5th via SPV/Steamhammer Records.