Mushroomhead are down one of their singers, but the now former vocalist Waylon Reavis says he's not upset over his exit, it was done in a professional matter and fans have no reason to lash out or be vindictive because he's no longer in the band.

In a new video message posted online, the rocker states, "It's over and I am so relieved. I was planning this. It just happened a little sooner than I thought it would. I really wasn't happy and hadn't been in a while."

But rather than digging in his heels and mudslinging, Reavis took the high ground, stating, "I've made my decision, Mushroomhead has made their decision and we'll leave it at that. We're professional. We're artists. This kind of stuff happens. We're moving on, we're moving forward. They love you. I love you, and that's how we're gonna leave this. We're not gonna be that negative to where I'm lashing out because I'm no longer there."

He urged fans not to be vindictive and to stay away from attacking touring vocalist Jackie LaPonza, who he states had nothing to do with his exit. "Be respectful," says the vocalist, adding that he wishes nothing but the best for his former band.

"I have not been there in a while. I've been checked out with my own thing. My heart wasn't there, my soul wasn't there. My time in Mushroomhead had ran its course," says the singer.

Addressing why he left, you could mark it up to creative differences. He stated, "I have 11 years of wonderful, wonderful memories, but I'm ready for something else in my life. I'm ready for a change and I've lived the same monotony for too long. I just didn't really agree with all of the decisions and where we're going, but that's fine. You don't have to agree with everything and you don't have to be that dude."

There is no word on what Reavis plans to do next musically, but he does seem fired up to do something different with his next venture. Stay tuned to see how it all plays out. And, as Reavis discussed in the video, Mushroomhead are in the midst of touring and he encourages fans to go see them. Here are the band's stops.

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