Flyleaf are set to kick off the second leg of the Unite & Fight Tour in support of their second album, 'Memento Mori.' The female-fronted rock band -- known for their massive single 'I'm So Sick' a few years back -- will be supported by Story of the Year on all dates.

However, Unite & Fight isn't just another tour for Flyleaf. The band is launching a text campaign to support World Vision's fight against human trafficking of children. When fans text 'UNITE' to 20222, $10 will be added to their cell phone bill and a donation will be made to World Vision's effort to rescue the children who are victims of human trafficking.

Besides the text campaign, Flyleaf urge fans to submit photos of groups holding hands in a human chain of solidarity. The person who submits the longest chain in each city included in the Flyleaf tour dates will receive tickets and a special meet and greet with the band at the show. The person who submits the largest chain over the course of the tour will receive a guitar signed by the band.

Frontwoman Lacey Mosley told Noisecreep where the idea to support efforts to end human trafficking came from, saying, "When we were recording the song 'Set Apart This Dream' for our new CD, 'Memento Mori,' I was thinking about the innocence that is so easily and often stolen from so many kids. Today there are two million children around the world who are victims of sex slavery. We named this tour 'Unite & Fight' because sometimes we have to fight violence with peace, and that takes unity."

The petite singer is big on this cause, further saying, "We have to fight thieves who steal children and sell them with generosity. This also takes unity. It's our way of bringing a bit of attention to a grave matter. All of us who are in a safer place have the ability to help lift some of the burden of such a heavy and disgusting injustice."

That text shouldn't make too much of a dent in your wallet. It's for a good cause, so be sure and text to support something that Flyleaf have so valiantly taken up.

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