Total Assault

Later this fall, Texas alt-metallers Flyleaf will be releasing New Horizons, their fourth studio album. The follow-up to their 2009 Memento Mori full-length, the album's title track was recently released as its first single and music video (seen below).

Anyone who is familiar with Flyleaf and their musical output already knows how eclectic each member's tastes run. That's why Noisecreep has reached out to guitarists Jared Hartmann and Sameer Bhattacharya and asked them to take part in our ongoing 'Five Albums That Changed My Life' series. Check out their picks below and see where some of Flyleaf's inspiration comes from.

From Flyleaf rhythm guitarist Jared Hartmann:

Third Eye Blind, Third Eye Blind (1997)

"This record came out right around the time I started playing guitar and I couldn't stop listening to it. I had never heard music like that before and I was really drawn to the songwriting style. Stephan Jenkins and Kevin Cadogan both really got me excited about learning to play guitar and helped inspire my style. "Motorcycle Driveby" is still one of my favorite songs today."

White Pony, Deftones (2000)

"White Pony reminds me of driving around in my car during the summer as a teenager. White Pony was the first hard rock record I ever owned and I used to blast it in my car nonstop. I loved the energy of the record and the Deftoneshave been a big influence on my style."Funeral, Arcade Fire (2004)

"Funeralwas the first big record for Arcade Fire and I actually didn't really listen to it much when it first came out. I always heard Pat and Sameer listening to it and I enjoyed it, but I didn't really pay attention. But, finally one day I bought it and put it on my iPod and I started listening to it on fly dates. It soon became my favorite record. I love the vocal melodies, music, and song arrangements. All of the songs are really diverse and that helps keep the whole record interesting."From Flyleaf lead guitarist Sameer Bhattacharya:

Relationship of Command, At the Drive-In (2000)

"Relationship of Commandcontinually blows my mind. Raw, energetic, chaotic, emotive, and a thousand other adjectives that would describe a super nova. I have no idea what Cedric is singing about, and it's never mattered to me. Relationship Of Command is truly one of those records that inspires musicians to not be self conscious, and to make noises they want to hear."Clarity, Jimmy Eat World (1999)

"When I hear the opening line, "Sweep the dirty stairs...," it gives me that feeling of driving around in my car in high school and I can hear the laughter of my old friends. No other album has impacted me like Clarity. The music and lyrics of Clarity encompassed all that was my adolescence. Like a dear friend, "For Me This Is Heaven" will always hold a very special place in my heart."