Want to overdose on cute? (Make that "kute!") Then check out this video of Avery Molek, a 5-year-old KISS fan, and aspiring drummer, who rips through a medley of 20 of the band's songs in the span of four minutes.

Avery has been manning the kit since he was two (nothing wrong with starting 'em young) and the little guy is able to soar through a song from each and every KISS album while wearing Peter Criss' signature Cat Man makeup. He is a superstar in the making, not to mention having impressive hand and footwork as he shows off his percussive prowess.

The medley is one of many videos of Avery smashing the skins to KISS songs. The Pennsylvania native clearly will be logging miles inside of a tour bus in the future. Noisecreep wouldn't even be surprised if Avery one day sits on the legendary group's drum throne. Lord knows Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley will be still be touring when they're octogenarians!

Watch '5-Year-Old's KISS Drum Tribute' Video

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