Are they metal or are they rock? This question seems to plague many heavy music fans when it comes to categorizing artists, especially those who seem to dabble on the border of both. Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory doesn't necessarily care what you call them — but he thinks they're metal.

"Well, look, a lot of people would say, 'No, they're not metal,' because of whatever. To me, it's a strange thing, actually, that heavy metal was just heavy metal and generally, the really heavy bands and the lighter bands were all considered metal at one point," the guitarist said in a Q&A on Impericon.

After pointing out the many subgenres that have come up in rock and metal over the years, Bathory said that Five Finger Death Punch doesn't care what people classify them as, because many of their songs on the radio fall on the line between both.

"We are completely fine with being called a hard rock band. I don't care. That's fine. But we have a lot of heavy pieces. What do you call that? I think it's metal."

Zoltan Bathory Addresses if FFDP Are Metal With Impericon

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