A new trailer for the upcoming horror-thriller film The Retaliators has been released. Produced by Better Noise Films, an extension of the record label, Better Noise Music, the flick is loaded with notable icons from the rock and metal world and members of Motley Crue, Five Finger Death Punch, Papa Roach and Escape the Fate can all be seen in the teaser clip.

The Retaliators also prominently features stars from outside of the music world, having recruited Michael Lombardi (Rescue Me) Marc Menchaca (Ozark) and Joseph Gatt (Game of Thrones) for the roles of Bishop, Jed and Ram Kady, respectively.

In the first trailer, we get a loose glimpse of the plot, in which a father (Bishop) aims to enact justice after his daughter goes missing and is suspected to have been abducted by nefarious persons intent on wrongdoing. The follow-up clip clues less into the plot and more into action — Ivan Moody, Zoltan Bathory and Chris Kael of Five Finger Death Punch appear in a violent scene, as does Papa Roach's Jacoby Shaddix.

Meanwhile, Tommy Lee of Motley Crue makes a cameo as a strip club DJ and Escape the Fate's Craig Mabbitt can be seen turning his head in front of an area walled off by caution tape.

Watch the trailer further down the page.

“When I heard about this film last year, I spoke to the creative team and I felt I had a vehicle to see if I could expand my range as an artist. Truly, I couldn’t have imagined how much I enjoyed this experience and can’t wait to find another film in the future," said Shaddix, who plays the role of Brady Quinn, of his acting debut.

Lombardi, who also co-produced The Retaliators, commented on Shaddix, stating, “I wasn’t sure what to expect. I thought he might be good because he’s a great storyteller with his songs, but I was truly blown away by his performance as an actor. I found Jacoby to be incredibly focused and committed! He was never afraid to jump off that cliff. For example, he and I had a scene together where his character has to slap me, pull my hair and lick my face. Lucky for me we only needed two takes, because he 100 percent went for it. I had a red, smacked, wet face when the director yelled cut. He’s a beast!”

The Retaliators Movie Trailer

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