Five Finger Death Punch can never be accused of not supplying their fans with content. They keep the fanbase satiated with lots and lots of material and they've shared the fifth webisode detailing two more tracks on the record, 'The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell Volume 1.' Next up: The ballad and the cover song.

The ballad 'Mine' is dissected, with vocalist Ivan Moody saying that it was heartwrenching for him since the band spends a lot of time on the road away from family and he doesn't spend the time he should or wants to with his kids. "With that said, I still love what I do and I would never change it for anything, so this was my apology to the ones we leave behind every time we go on the road," he said, explaining the deeper meaning behind the song.

The other song the band discussed is much lighter in scope -- their snarling, rocked out cover of 'Mama Said Knock You Out,' originally done by rapper LL Cool . The Fiver Finger version features an assist from rapper TechN9ne. The cover was guitarist Zoltan Bathory's idea and the band thought it be cool, depending on how it was done.

It turned out "stupid good," according to Moody. Guitarist Jason Hook reveals how he achieved his scratchy guitar sound. He pretty much pulled a Tom Morello, using an effect to make his guitar solo sound like a turntable.

'The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell Volume 1' arrives in stores tomorrow (July 30).