The members of Five Finger Death Punch got into verbal fight onstage during their show on May 1 in Memphis, Tenn. Since then, various members of the group have spoken about the concert meltdown. Frontman Ivan Moody called the incident “humiliating,” while guitarist Jason Hook blamed some of the anger on alcohol consumption. In a new interview with LoudTV, bassist Chris Kael gives his opinion about the ordeal and talks about the group’s ‘hard-rocking, kind of, metal’ upcoming album Got Your Six. You can watch the full interview above.

"You've got five brothers out on the road, and all five brothers are trying to vie to be the 'big dog,'” states Kael. “I mean, we're all very confident in ourselves, but we know the Death Punch works with those five very different personalities. So, yeah, sh-t happens. I certainly don't feel good about how things went down. As brothers, you're gonna fight behind the scenes a lot, but that one kind of spilled out on the stage. I'm a very positive person, and negative sh-t like that pisses me off."

The fight was bad enough that some fans in attendance thought they were witnessing the breakup of the band. That did not happen, but in the interview Kael pondered what would happen to the group if one of them decided to leave or was fired. “I think right now we have the strongest lineup that Death Punch has ever had. We all work really well together," continued Kael. "We are all adept at addressing stuff when it needs to be addressed and avoiding stuff when you can get away with it. So, personality wise, I like to think that this lineup is gonna last quite some time. I mean, we finished the final puzzle with me, 'cause I joined four years ago, so no more changes. I was the last one.”

The band’s new album, Got Your Six, is out Aug. 28 and will include their new single "Jekyll and Hyde." Kael has this to say about their upcoming music, “The mentality of 'Got Your Six', we wanted a hard-rocking, kind of metal album. We've had some great success with songs like 'Coming Down', 'Remember Everything,’ kind of lighter fare, and we're great at doing that. But this album cycle, we were kind of in a pissed off place, and it shows on the record, so, good 4/4 stomps.”

The bassist went on, “If I had to tell somebody what it was like, going into it, we wanted to kind of keep it like 'Lift Me Up' and 'Under And Over It,' that was the vibe we were going for. There's one really heavy song. I can't remember, I mention this song every time I do an interview, and I need to learn the damn name of it, 'cause I remember the chorus. But, when you're listening to it, the chorus goes, 'Click clack, reload.' It's my new favorite Death Punch song. Heavy!"

Five Finger Death Punch just released the music video for “Jekyll and Hyde,” which you can check out here. You can pre-order special bundles of their new disc, Got Your Six, here, before it comes out on Aug. 28.

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