Five Finger Death Punch are going through a multi-member detox and the metal community is offering its support. Months after vocalist Ivan Moody embarked on his latest attempt at sobriety, bassist Chris Kael is walking his own path to self-betterment.

FFDP has very publicly battled addiction issues with Ivan Moody. The vocalist has even quit the band multiple times only to walk his claims back. Moody took a little time off from touring, getting his life together and sounding “the best” he’s been in years, according to guitarist Zoltan Bathory in late 2017.

Over the last 57 days, Kael has been substance free. The bassist wrote about his struggle via Instagram last night and it certainly doesn’t seem like an April Fools joke:

FFDP fans have reached out to Kael in support of the bassist, some with stories of their own sobriety struggles. Corey Taylor even sent Kael a tweet encouraging Five Finger’s bearded bassist:

FFDP will release their newest album, And Justice for None, later this year.

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