Batmetal is back with the animated parody’s first new episode since 2015. ‘Batmetal Forever’ tells the story of Batmetal’s crew aiming to reanimate the Joker while playing brutal music for masses of fans.

Batmetal has been ridiculously successful on YouTube, with 2014’s ‘Batmetal’ accumulating 26 million views and Batmetal Returns gaining 31 million views. It’s such a staple on YouTube that FBE even did a ‘Teens React’ video to the Batmetal cartoons. After waiting for two and a half years, fans finally have a new episode featuring “cameos” from Dethklok, Vin Diesel, the Little Mermaid and more.

The animation is funny as ever, with Batmetal experimenting with different ways to bring the Joker back to life. With the help of the “Ancient Lords of the Underworld,” which include Lemmy Kilmister, Ronnie James Dio, Jimi Hendrix and more, Batmetal are able to resurrect the Joker, but things don’t go quite as planned.

The creators of Batmetal have also launched an Indiegogo account to crowd fund a live Batmetal tour. The goal is to bring Batmetal to the U.S. and Europe, using holographic technology and a live band for the experience. Batmetal Live will feature the music of Dethklok, Metallica, Slayer, Nile, Iron Maiden and fan suggested songs. The crowdfunding initiate hasn’t had the most explosive start, raising just £395 of its £450,000 goal so far.

Check out the highly anticipated return of Batmetal in the video above.

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