Halloween is the best time of year to dress up, even though some of our favorite rockers do it year round. Do you have your costume yet? Are you going as a rock star? Our Readers Poll today asks which rock star would you dress up as for Halloween.

If you're thinking of something with a mask, there's plenty of options from the rock and metal worlds. If you've got a red jumpsuit lying around and a mask, you could fit in as a member of Slipknot. If robes are your thing and you have your own staff and mask, Papa Emeritus from Ghost B.C. might be the costume for you. And some nice body armor might help you pull off being a member of GWAR.

If you go the makeup direction and are a little ripped, you might channel your inner black metaller and become a member of Immortal. There's always the popular KISS makeup which is always a favorite come Halloween and if you've got some leather and a crop to go along with your makeup, an Alice Cooper costume is within reach.

Or perhaps you're just looking to pay homage to an icon. A long-haired wig and solid black clothing could help you pull off Ozzy Osbourne. If you could track down some very specific black cowboy hats and add some facial hair, Lemmy Kilmister is a possibility. And letting your hair go, both facially and on top of your head, while finding some well-worn or tattered clothing might give you what you need to pull off Rob Zombie. We could also suggest a dark, goth look a la Marilyn Manson.

There are plenty of ideas and these are just a few. Tell us which of these rockers you would most like to dress up as for Halloween in our Readers Poll below: