There's a lot of goodwill going around as Falling in Reverse and Escape the Fate will be touring together in early 2014. This run is a co-headlining trek, but what we want to know is which of the two acts you consider to be the bigger headliner.

In terms of history, there's no doubt that Escape the Fate has been around longer and has the bigger catalog. Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke began his career as Escape the Fate's vocalist before a prison stint and some bad blood with his bandmates led the group to look elsewhere. Without missing a step, the band continued their career with Blessthefall frontman Craig Mabbitt taking over the vocal spot and keeping the band's career trajectory on the upswing.

However, Radke has done well in his own right, forming Falling in Reverse after getting his career back on track and turning them into a top notch live act that definitely draws the fans. They may have fewer albums, but given not only their growing popularity and the fact that Radke's history with both groups is such a big part of the 'Bury the Hatchet' tour, it could be argued that they deserve to close out the shows.

Both acts have new records this year and both have done fairly well with their latest outings. And while this tour is about both bands having equal footing and making nice, if you had to choose between the two acts, who would be the bigger headliner? Vote for either Falling in Reverse or Escape the Fate in our Readers Poll below: